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ritd3.jpg (27218 octets)It is the essential component of a passive or active cathodic protection.

These steel fittings show different types:

-For butt-welding (welding neck) at each side

-With flanges

-Conbined: A flange+ A welding neck (WN)

-Combined: For brasing (ODS) + For butt-welding (WN)

-Combined: A cast iron tube + A welding neck (WN)


The range starts at DN25 up to DN400 (or more), with two nominal pressures :

-MPB 4 Bar   ( Designed with insulated flanges)

-MPC 25 Bar ( Designed in one piece)

All these fittings have been approved by GDF.

They are delivered with a EN10204-3.1.B certificate if this is specified when ordering.